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Back in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced our client’s life coaching event organizers to switch to a virtual format, leaving our client with a challenge to discover and motivate her target audience to sign- up for the virtual event.

Since 2014, our client has been running a successful life coaching practice in Toronto, Canada. With strict COVID SOPs and lockdowns last year, our client reached out to us with a mission to connect with a wider audience and increase the number of completed registrations for her virtual event that was set to take place 6 weeks later. + offer a limited-time discount on one of her best-selling lifestyle courses for the people who were registering for the event.

Our client wanted to imbue the virtual event with the same ethos as the live one and make people feel they were as much part of the big virtual gathering, while they were attending the event from their homes.

So, in the next 06 weeks that followed, we helped our client reach out to a large number of people, collect 500 high-converting leads (webinar sign-ups and course registrations) with the desired target of a 70% conversion rate, and hit the lowest CPL of $7. All that in a total ad spend of $3,500.

How did we manage to achieve all that?

Keep reading as we map out exactly how it was done, where we ran the ads, what challenges did we overcome, and what had the biggest impact on the success of the campaign.


● Our client had an existing presence on Facebook but wanted to scale up quickly with a limited budget for ads experimentation.

● Our client and her team wanted to maximize event registrations in a total of 6 weeks.

● They wanted to use Facebook ads to timely reach out to the right audiences for life coaching virtual event they would host and collect high converting leads with the desired conversion rate of 70%.

● We had to design and share content that would effectively highlight the value of the webinar and the benefits of attending a big virtual event from the comforts of home.


● To begin addressing the challenges, we audited our client’s account. We discovered that we needed to work things out using a two-phased campaign;

1. Create awareness and promote the upcoming virtual event and reach out to new audiences with video ads,

2. Collect high-converting leads to maximize event sign-ups and encourage course registrations with a limited time discount for the event attendees.

● We used video ads to create the buzz online. We used short clips and exclusive footage from previous events, as well as the event details, time, and different speakers that were involved to highlight the amount of value our virtual event was packed with.

● Our visual geniuses and copy wizards created engaging assets and creatives (including static images, GIFs, and videos) to use for both TOF and BOF, retargeting ad campaigns we were to run for the client.

● We decided to use our video ads for TOF campaigns to generate maximum awareness and optimize the paid campaigns for video views.

● Our Facebook Ads Quality Assurance Team ensured that we only used powerful creatives that would allow our target audiences to understand and align with our client company’s mission.

● Two weeks into the campaign, we retargeted those video viewers to collect high-converting leads for the event sign-ups. This had a major impact on the quality of the results we collected. ● Our Facebook Ads Specialists also created custom and lookalike audiences using the data of event attendees as well as website visitors and video viewers to boost the conversion rate.

● We created an appealing campaign that would give people a reason to stay engaged as the date for the virtual event approached.

● We involved all three key speakers in our campaign of video ads to help show how value-packed our event is going to be.

● We ran BOF, retargeting campaigns in the last 3 weeks targeting people who have signed up for the event + our website visitors to market our client’s exclusive discount offer for the event attendees and encouraged them to buy the course.

● We set up 6 ad sets and tested our target audiences in each ad set using 12 different creatives and 6 ad copies. Which had the biggest impact on the success of our campaign.

● We worked with an initial budget of $50/day and gradually increased it to $90/day for scaling campaigns (Facebook recommends a 10-20% gradual increase in the budget so that the Algorithm doesn’t get confused) This also helped us lower the cost per conversion.


● Our highly targeted campaigns proved to be a great success. We reached out to a large number of people driving a 25X ROAS with the help of our 5 winning ad sets.

● Our TOF and retargeting ad campaigns hit the desired 70% conversion rate for our client.

● Outsourcing Facebook Ads to CANZ helped our client save an average of 12 hours per week.

● 33 points lift in ad recall.

● Course registrations alone generated total revenue of more than $28,000.

Running a life coaching business? Interested in learning how we can help you fuel some real business growth using the power of Facebook ads? Drop us a line at insert email/contact form link and we’ll get in touch.

Client Intro:

A financial advisor, tired of his 9-5 routine, recently started a marketing agency to capture more business from Facebook Ads. Let us show you how we helped him do it!

The Challenge

To get high-value agency leads within a limited advertising budget without any past data.

The Process

To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

– Built a new funnel from scratch.

– Focused on cold audiences (due to a lack of past data).

– Kick started a CBO campaign with at least 3 ad sets.

– Started off with massive audiences, giving Facebook more room to optimize for the best results.

– Continually tested multiple new creatives and ad copy.

– Conducted 4-6 weeks of RFT testing.

The Results

From 14th Oct 2020 to 11th Jan 2021, we:

Managed to reel in 106 leads.

Attained a minimal Cost Per lead of $47, with a total ad spend of $5,017.

Achieved a lead conversion rate of 90%!

Client Intro:

This US-based beauty store was struggling on all platforms and wasn’t generating business from its advertising efforts. We took over the entire account (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and SEO) and turned things around for them. Learn how!

The Challenge

To get 2X+ ROAS using Facebook Ads.

The Process

To get the results our client wanted, we: Designed multiple new creatives and ad copies. Carried out CBO/ABO campaign testing.

Used 8 normal Lookalike Audiences and 2 LTV Lookalike Audiences. Conducted 4-6 weeks of RFT testing.

Paired the Facebook ad strategy with immaculately executed email marketing efforts.

The Results

From Sep 29th, 2020, to Oct 28th, 2020: $164,718 were made in sales with an ROAS of 9.78X (ad spend: $16,837)

Client Intro:

A Black Friday-Cyber Monday Success Story – Before we started handling the advertising efforts of a Fitness Store, they were struggling hard to maintain break-even. Learn how we took over the account and turned it into a money-making machine

The Challenge

To get 2X ROAS using Facebook Ads – something the brand had been trying to achieve for months!

The Process

To get the results we desired, we:

– Identified the core problem: the ad spend was not being used properly. Instead, the store was spending most of the ad spend on traffic campaigns.

– Turned off all irrelevant campaigns.

Launched a “Conversion” campaign, considering that the primary goal was increased sales.

– Started RFT testing to get winning assets quickly.

– Designed dynamic ads with engaging graphics and minimal, client-centric copy addressing the pain points of the brand’s customers.

– Rigorously tested the Ad copy/Creatives.

The Results

From Nov 15th, 2020 to Dec 15th, 2020:

– The brand achieved sales of $81,813 on a Facebook ad spend of $15K.

– The ROAS achieved was 5.28X.

– 1,126 products were sold.

Client Intro

A US-based beauty store was struggling on all digital platforms and failing to generate business from its advertising efforts. We took over the entire account (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and SEO) and turned things around for them. Learn how!

The Challenge

To get 2X+ ROAS using Facebook Ads.

The Process

To get the results our client wanted to see, we:

– Created a brand-new funnel from scratch.

– Designed multiple new eye-catching creatives and ad copies.

– Carried out CBO/ABO campaign testing.

– Used 8 normal Lookalike Audiences and 2 LTV Lookalike Audiences.

– Conducted 5 weeks of RFT testing

– Paired the Facebook ad strategy with immaculately executed email marketing efforts.

The Results

From Sep 29th, 2020, to Oct 28th, 2020:

– The client sold 5000+ products.

– $160,000+ were made in sales with an average ROAS of 9.78X (ad spend: $16,000).

Client Intro:

A client we had been working with for the past year wanted to see soaring sales during the New Year holiday period. In order to achieve the desired results, we started preparing for the campaign 2 months in advance. Read on to find out what we achieved.

The Challenge

To multiply sales manifold and increase the company’s revenue.

The Process

To give our client the perfect New Year’s gift, we:

– Created 100+ images and 25+ 15-second videos.

– Continuously tested the images within high-converting campaigns to test out the CTRs.

– Tested our ads in a CBO campaign before the New Year, before shifting the winning assets to ABO campaigns.

– Kept on scaling the winning assets for a week.

The Results

From 28th December 2020 to 5th January 2021:

– 400+ items were sold only through Facebook Ads.

– Sales of $55K+ were made.

– An average ROAS of 10X+ was achieved

Client Intro:

A firm dealing in health and wellness supplements was looking to increase their sales and, hence, revenue. Learn how we came to their aid and ran a seamlessly planned and executed Facebook strategy to achieve a 780% return on investment!

The Challenge:

To increase sales revenue for the client within the designated ad budget.

The Process

To achieve the numbers we were looking for, we:

– Made use of Lookalike Audiences (LLAs) and created Super LLAs for a greater ROAS.

– Structured the pixel and the lookalike audiences strategically to get the most out of the campaign.

– Kicked off a “Conversion” campaign since the primary goal was more sales.

– Started off with RFT testing to obtain winning assets at a rapid speed.

– Rigorously tested various ad copies and creatives.

The Results

From January 1st, 2020, to January 31st, 2020, we: – Achieved an average ROAS of 6X+.

– Brought on board 641 new email subscribers.

– Gained 184 new Facebook page likes

Client Intro:

A Hair product store was struggling to get the attention of buyers, despite spending heavily on advertising. Learn how we turned things around for them through an immaculately executed Facebook ad strategy!

The Challenge

To maintain break-even using Facebook ads.

The Process

We highlighted the problems and formulated a potential winning strategy, which included:

– Using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) at the top of the funnel to test out multiple audiences quickly.

– Turning off all irrelevant campaigns that were draining the budget with no returns.

– Creating dynamic ads addressing the pain points of the brand’s customers.

– Rigorously testing various combinations of ad copies and creatives to find the winning assets.

The Results

The campaign achieved incredible results, the most prominent of which include the following: – The overall CBO ROAS came in at 9.66X.

– The average CBO Cost Per Action was below $30.

– 12,500+ products were sold within 1 year.

– A lifetime ROAS of 4.36X was achieved.
Client Intro:

A real-estate agency based in the United States needed help with Facebook Ads and overall marketing.

The Challenges

– The client had a booming real estate business for 15+ years.

– They were using traditional marketing methods and had very strong referral systems in place.

– But in the last 6 months, before joining Marketing, they had experienced a sudden drop in leads, customers and overall business.

– They still had a good name in the industry but they did not have a strong digital presence.

– The website looked dated. There was no lead generation funnel in place on the site.

– They had very little to no content on the website. The site structure wasn’t SEO friendly at all.

– Their daily traffic was below 50

– They had been burnt by a so-called digital marketing consultant who basically did not do anything except for getting his paycheque.

– Getting them to invest in Facebook advertising was also a huge challenge

Our Strategy

☝️ From the initial audit insights, we realized that the digital presence and brand awareness are going to be the starting points for this client.

☝️ We started off with helping the client create tons of video content for social media

☝️ Then we ran the Golden Ads Strategy to start the brand awareness and engagement campaigns

☝️ The plan was to pair that with the Lead gen campaign at a later point We wanted to give the client some quick-wins so he feels more confident working with us

☝️ Successfully helped the client to come up with 4 different Lead Magnets

☝️ With our help, the client created a whole Lead-flow and the funnel

☝️ Using their BIG offline name, we started running the Leadgen campaigns in the third week

☝️ We started off the Leadgen Campaigns with the Rapid Fire Testing Method

The Results

✔️ Within the next 3 weeks, we had garnered 349 new leads,

✔️ 7 new paid deals

✔️ 5 Winning ad creative assets and a winning audience formula

✔️ The CPL was less than $4

✔️ CPA was below $200

✔️ The client had 340+ leads in the funnel

✔️ All this happened within the first 8 weeks.

✔️ The Golden Ads Strategy produced huge engagement and retargeting audience on the side.

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