An auto-parts vendor had been trying to sell products via their e-commerce store for almost a year and they had been struggling with it right off the bat. They knew very little about generating leads and even less about converting them. Moreover, they didn’t trust online marketing companies all that much.

Hence, when they reached out to us, they asked us to run a small campaign for them so they could judge our performance. They gave us a budget of $218.36 on which we ran 6 different ad sets, targeting all the relevant groups.

The total revenue generation was $1,261.48 which equates to 5.78x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Moreover, the campaign reached almost 2,400 people and generated 3,400+ impressions for the brand. Seeing these results, the client was extremely happy and has been with us ever since.

A client of ours, who has a quickly growing business in the e-commerce industry, was planning big things for the Black Friday sale. They wanted the latest Black Friday sale to be the biggest ever for their brand.

What they needed from us was a strategy that would target consumers and potential buyers from all angles. We designed 8 different campaigns for the brand and in total, spent $84,000 on the entire project. In return, the total revenue generated through was about $650,000.

The ROAS was at about 7.69x. Nearly 7000 registrations were completed and the cost per registration was just $12.16. Moreover, more than 12,000 checkouts were initiated and the average cost per checkout initiate was as low as $6.70. The sale did end up becoming the biggest sale season for the brand.

Our client was a budding e-commerce company that had had some bad experiences with online marketing in the past. Their business was really struggling with converting leads to sales and they needed help.

The client reached out to us and asked us to run a campaign that prioritized conversion. We were given a budget of $95.32 on which we were able to generate total revenue of $318.00. This comes at about 3.34x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The total reach of the campaign was 1700+. The client was really happy with the results and has been with us ever since.

Our client was an e-commerce company selling products from indie brands. They wanted to see what kind of results we could get for them on a shoestring budget before they signed on with us.

They gave us $30 to use on a sample campaign for their company. We decided to go with a CBO strategy through which, we were able to maximize the impact of the budget. The campaign reached almost 1300 people and ended up generating revenue of $2,230. The client was more than pleased with the results.

Client Intro: A client we had been working with for the past year wanted to see soaring sales during the New Year holiday period. In order to achieve the desired results, we started preparing for the campaign 2 months in advance. Read on to find out what we achieved.

The Challenge: To multiply sales manifold and increase the company’s revenue.

The Process: To give our client the perfect New Year’s gift, we: –Created 100+ images and 25+ 15-second videos. –Continuously tested the images within high-converting campaigns to test out the CTRs. –Tested our ads in a CBO campaign before the New Year, before shifting the winning assets to ABO campaigns. –Kept on scaling the winning assets for a week.

The Results: From 28th December 2020 to 5th January 2021: –400+ items were sold only through Facebook Ads. –Sales of $55K+ were made. –An average ROAS of 10X+ was achieved.

Client Intro: An E-Commerce Store SEO Case Study. An E-commerce store in Houston, TX needed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to replace their PC ad spend. Learn more about how we did it.

The Challenges: This E-commerce store SEO client was just starting out in a niche market
There was fierce competition from the bigger brands
The client did not have much room for the content
90% of the marketing budget was going into the PPC and Facebook ads
Organic traffic was less than 20 sessions per day on average.

Our Strategy: ☝️ We did a complete audit of the site and a competitor analysis
☝️ Based on the data we created a detailed plan to follow
☝️ All the technical issues were resolved in the first phase
☝️ We started creating content around the specific keywords
☝️ We focused more on long-tail keywords rather than more generic keywords
☝️ This approach helped us compete with the bigger competitors
☝️ We added regular, high-quality backlinks for the site
☝️ AMP – assisted their development team in creating accelerated mobile pages.

The Results: ✔️ The organic traffic increased by 93% in 9 months
✔️ The revenue increased by 69%
✔️ Search engine rankings improved every month compared to bigger competitors
✔️ Domain authority and page authority increased significantly
✔️ In a matter of 6 months we started earning natural backlinks for the site
✔️ We created and indexed hundreds of new pages for the site
Achieves ROAS Of 436%
Results: Close To $1 Million In Sales In 60 Days!
This is a well-known brand in the Cosmetic industry, and they deliver their products worldwide. They were having a hard time scaling their Facebook Ads because of a lack of understanding of the Scaling Process. We broke through their stagnant growth and scaled business revenue close to $1M in literally 60 days.
Results: Increased The Conversion Rates From 1.1% To A Whopping 3.2%
Utilizing our battle-tested funnels and CRO techniques, we increased a 1.1% conversion rate to 3.2% (in 60 days only).

Achieves ROAS Of 1,100%
Results: 1100% ROAS, Helped Them Reach The Mid-6-Figures Mark
This presents a better way to shop wholesale and is a relatively new player in the online wholesale market. They were struggling with both Facebook & Google ads, and their average returns were close to 2X before we joined them. We pretty much did everything from scratch so, it took us three months to get them on track, and they were doing 5X+. Even in the pandemic, we kept going when Retail Stores (their primary audience) was closed! In the next three months, we doubled the ROAS.
Results: Facebook Ads Results On Autopilot

We built that account from the ground up and set it up to hit targets on auto-pilot WITHOUT active management. These results are typical for all the ad accounts that we take on in their early stages.